I’m on the Internets!

I did it. I set up my very own blog and am actually putting myself out there. It’s been on my bucket list. Yowza! Kapow!

Today a very good friend texted me a picture of Tyra Banks giving instructions on how to “Smize”. You know, how to smile with your eyes? She sent it to me while I was getting my highlights done. Well, I obviously didn’t get the memo on this trend. Really. All I could do was to text her back the picture above. It’s all I got. For reals.

So here I am, trying to navigate my way through mommyhood, wifeyhood, and my own neighborhood! All this in between crafting, parties, and while in the midst of pretending to be the next contender on Top Chef. Someday my precious. (Enter Golum) Someday.

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