Lights, Party, Action!

I asked Cristina what kind of theme or decorations she wanted for her 18th Birthday Party. It was, after all, on a chartered boat that cruised the San Francisco Bay.

Her reply? String lights. Lots of it. And a candy bar. With Gobstoppers, and Pop Rocks. Nothing cheesy.

That, folks, pretty much sealed the deal. We’re talkin’ sunflowers. Loads of them. And a ton of candy. Oh, and those cupcakes? Poppadees. Now those cupcakes were gone in less than two hours. I kid you not. Baked in the heart of wine country, this mother/daughter team knew exactly what they were doing.

With Cristina’s mom Tina, and our good friend Mildred, we collaborated on a simple yet elegant affair to celebrate this bright, talented, and native San Franciscan. Did I mention she is headed off for college to the east coast!?!? Gasp!!

Nonetheless, I wish her lots of luck, lots of happy new beginnings, but most of all, love. Happy 18th Birthday Cristina. May your journey be lined with sunflowers.





Party Sneak Peek

I’ve had the greatest luck of being asked to assist a great friend of mine plan her daughter’s 18th Birthday Party! Here’s a little peek into how we began to decorate the party boat.

Trust me, putting up string lights on a moving boat was not an easy task! Thank goodness I had my friend Mildred holding the chair for me, since I nearly toppled over several times. That would’ve been a major party foul for sure! Crisis averted, and three broken lightbulbs later, we soldiered on.