Lights, Party, Action!

I asked Cristina what kind of theme or decorations she wanted for her 18th Birthday Party. It was, after all, on a chartered boat that cruised the San Francisco Bay.

Her reply? String lights. Lots of it. And a candy bar. With Gobstoppers, and Pop Rocks. Nothing cheesy.

That, folks, pretty much sealed the deal. We’re talkin’ sunflowers. Loads of them. And a ton of candy. Oh, and those cupcakes? Poppadees. Now those cupcakes were gone in less than two hours. I kid you not. Baked in the heart of wine country, this mother/daughter team knew exactly what they were doing.

With Cristina’s mom Tina, and our good friend Mildred, we collaborated on a simple yet elegant affair to celebrate this bright, talented, and native San Franciscan. Did I mention she is headed off for college to the east coast!?!? Gasp!!

Nonetheless, I wish her lots of luck, lots of happy new beginnings, but most of all, love. Happy 18th Birthday Cristina. May your journey be lined with sunflowers.