Wedded Bliss

Wedding season came and went, and each time I am reminded of the fun and memorable moment when my husband and I both made our vows, 10 years ago. I want to say the day was blissfully perfect, but as many of you know, nothing ever really is.

Flashback to October of 2003, when we were taking our wedding pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I was in a huge tulle confection of a dress, bent over a bush , throwing up. No, I wasn’t hungover, but my nerves had gotten the best of me, I hadn’t really eaten breakfast, and I was deliriously hungry.

My bridesmaids (while laughing-of course) were trying to hold up my veil, my dress, and my hair!! My Groom nervously looked on, with a napkin in his hands. My youngest brother ran to a couple picnicking nearby and asked for some crackers and an apple. Revived and somewhat nourished by these humble offerings, I soldiered on to make it to the reception with my dress relatively vomit free!

This past Summer I had the joy of styling a modest dessert table for a young and beautiful bride! Her only request was for a beach/shells theme, using the colors turquoise and coral. My daughter even helped a bit by painting some seashells a glittered gold. Her friends had also ordered these delicious, boutique style cupcakes from Poppadee’s, in Napa.

Lai, the Bride, has a very bright, fun, and energetic personality. I wanted the table to reflect this. Her Groom, Wade, is a true gentleman. They truly are a wonderful couple! For the table, I also brought out some of my milk glass collection, featuring two vases, two 1950’s wedding boxes by Westmoreland and two 1960’s pedestal cake plates by Anchor Hocking. Lai has a big megawatt smile, and made for such a gorgeous Bride!








Lights, Party, Action!

I asked Cristina what kind of theme or decorations she wanted for her 18th Birthday Party. It was, after all, on a chartered boat that cruised the San Francisco Bay.

Her reply? String lights. Lots of it. And a candy bar. With Gobstoppers, and Pop Rocks. Nothing cheesy.

That, folks, pretty much sealed the deal. We’re talkin’ sunflowers. Loads of them. And a ton of candy. Oh, and those cupcakes? Poppadees. Now those cupcakes were gone in less than two hours. I kid you not. Baked in the heart of wine country, this mother/daughter team knew exactly what they were doing.

With Cristina’s mom Tina, and our good friend Mildred, we collaborated on a simple yet elegant affair to celebrate this bright, talented, and native San Franciscan. Did I mention she is headed off for college to the east coast!?!? Gasp!!

Nonetheless, I wish her lots of luck, lots of happy new beginnings, but most of all, love. Happy 18th Birthday Cristina. May your journey be lined with sunflowers.